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Spaaarty Party

Flutterbies will come to your house 45mins before the party begins and set up your home, we require a table large enough for all your party guests with a chair for each one.  We will cover the table and chairs (where possible) and lay out a setting for each child which includes a mirror, flannel, brush, hair band and small bowl.

We will also cover your furniture (chill out space) with some throws. And dressing gowns for the children to wear

When the children arrive, we will start decorating flip flops with wool, which makes them super soft to wear and stops them sliding around later once they have a foot scrub. This is a nice ice breaker if all the children don’t know each other and a great catch up for those that do as they sit and decorate and have a good chat.

Then we head to the table and the children apply the homemade face mask (this contains natural yoghurt, honey, lemon juice and oats)

Then they take their resting spots have cucumbers on their eyes, listen to some relaxing spa music and have a little relaxation time (or a giggling time on most occasions), then they wipe this off with warm flannels and feel how soft their skin is.

Next, it’s to the chill out zone where they all place their feet in a bowl of warm water and relax with a magazine, we then give them each a little foot scrub with a home-made foot scrub (made of salt, essential oil and vitamin E oil) once they are all relaxed, we dry their feet off and let them feel how soft their skin is.  This is where we advise they wear their flip flops as their feet can be a bit slippery on wooden surfaces.

Then, it’s time for some nail painting, we have a range of colours of non-toxic nail varnish that can be peeled off so need for harsh chemicals.

This completes our little pamper party.

All of the above is hired for the party, the children do all receive a small party bag which they can pop their flip flops into and contains a sleep mask and one other small gift.

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